slipping away

nights of endless passion
sunsets in the shade
always and forever
the promises we made
diving in so quickly
forgetful of the past
what seemed to be the sweetest thing
was never meant to last
sighs and passing glances
just remnants of the fire
eyes that glistened brightly
and told of lost desire
force the weakest smile
numb to all the pain
wouldn’t know the difference
when I’m standing in the rain…

sleepless nights

never thought it would end this way
another day passed us by
and it came time to say goodbye
seasons change
the rain falls for days
and washes memories away

it’s hard to place the blame
but you said forever
when was the day, you lost your faith??

february’s a distant memory now
but even winter was never this cold
I’ll watch you fly past the sun
and hope someday we’ll find
the moments we forever lost in time

its 10 past 2, I lay awake
sleep’s a hopeless case
and i can’t figure out why
every damn song this radio plays
is about you and i

your silhouette is burned on these walls
another memory in this song
another reminder you’re gone…

a fateful haven

Everyday is the same. Threading a line between living and only existing. I’m waiting for something, anything, to wake me up from this. Nothing but that 80-proof anesthesia by my side, my lifeline. The lights are dim, flickering on and off. I wander outside and see nothing but a blank, snowy landscape, without a soul to be found, like some crazy dream. I go to speak, but no words come out. Not even the sound of the wind, or a distant car passing by. Am I even alive at all?? I can feel my heart beating. But really living is more than just a pulse. Is this all that’s left for me??

just another memory

We got the top down, starry sky overhead. The wind swirling around us. She gives up all hope of keeping her hair under control. That smile’s contagious. A seductive voice seeps from the stereo and pulls us into a world where we’re only half-conscious. The streets are quiet. Everyone asleep in their beds, living their normal lives, with their 4-door sedans and 40-hour workweeks. The two of us?? We’re living proof that freedom still exists in a world of walls and boundaries. Everybody dreams of the time they were young and free. We’re livin’ it. This road doesn’t turn for miles. I suddenly lose all fear, and let that other side of myself take over.. Headlights glare from the other direction. It doesn’t matter. At 150, we’re nothing but a blur. “Close your eyes”. We head to that spot on the coastline, where our voices drown under the crashing waves. And in this moment, I imagine a world where you could be mine. But I close my eyes and remind myself, it’s just for tonight. When the sun rises we’ll go our separate ways again. And I’ll be stuck wondering, is this all we’ll ever have??… It’s quiet now. The sun still sleeps. And when she wakes, you’ll be a memory…