getting over you

it’s slowly sinking in
a life that could’ve been
is there a pulse left
in that bleeding heart
or can i start
getting over you

a million things
i thought i’d say
racing through my mind
the sunshine
reflected off your eyes
no chance for a goodbye

has everything changed
or have I??..

I’m closer to
getting over you

what changed that night??
your silhouette
slipped underneath the door
the memories, the pain
the standing in the rain
i don’t hold on to these things anymore

I’m closer to
getting over you

for the last time
we push away
what’s left to say?

change this moment

i thought i’d left this feeling behind
months fell off the calendar
but I’m not far from where I started
the faster I run, the more I lose my way
everyday is still the same
lost in the middle of the ocean
in this tiny wooden boat
that barely stays afloat
I daydream of a more familiar place
if only I could scream myself awake
but there’s nothing left inside
I’m buried to my shoulders in this rising tide
in a few minutes I’ll be under
and no matter what I do
I can’t change this moment…


no moon to whisk the dark away
or keep these turning tides at bay
we’ll never find our way
the memories will fade
((with every promise that you made))

throw me overboard
i’ve been treading water
with every wasted word
pull me underneath
you can set me free
i needed you with me

no ships or subtle passers-by
to save me from this sea tonight
your eyes were shining bright
but now they seem to fade
((with every promise that you made))

the creatures lurk below
do they sense my wounds?
can they feel me drowning??…

set me free…
this creature staring back at me
it’s become my existence
it’s becoming every part of me
it’s taken everything…


always seems to start too fast
your unsure smile, an awkward glance
two hearts aligned move closer yet
like small bright white night stars connect
trace the sky with fingertips
without these things we can’t exist
release the stores of still desire
we set the whole damn world on fire
shortened breaths through smoky haze
on tiptoes to avoid the blaze
the treetops burn, and torch the sky
tell the angels not to cry
i search my mind, for days when my
deepest fears were realized
nights where we would start to see
everything we’d die to be
i think i’m finally free
you’re here with me…

hanging on

is this what the stars had in mind
it’s not the same this time
i’m finally taking stride
leaving worlds behind
flying by on wasted time
months shattered on the floor
i hoped our love
could stay that strong
i held on for too long
trying hard to push away
you hang on by a thread
a million more unspoken words
running through my head

endless skies

it’s hard to say
how things have changed
the days pass by but not the rain
words we’ve said, hang overhead
an ever-casted shade
forever lost it’s meaning
a jagged, blurry line
it’s just a state of mind
and fades away with time
it was then i learned to wait
since then i’ve lost my faith
dreams and darkest memories
get lost in endless skies
a message in a bottle
never meant for brighter eyes
now the sky’s the darkest shade of gray
we push away
memories of starry nights fade
a loss for words at what to say…