you said to hold on tight

if you still felt the same
what took your words away?
or is this just a game you play??
i’ve learned to recognize
such a thinly-veiled disguise
i see the truth in your eyes

you said it’d be the last time
just one more night
clinging to the past I’ll just hold on tight
can I trust a single word you’ll say tonight??
while I try and try to get you off my mind

if this is what it takes
I’ll make the same mistakes
for one last chance to crumble in your hands


sometimes I lie awake
still torn by decisions that we made
to leave us with some space
were they just mistakes?

open your eyes
after a while
we all stop dreaming
now you’re leaving
crushing words and empty sighs
desperation taking hold inside
i’m barely alive

searching for that place
where the light fades
into a sea of gray
take me away
to the days we pushed aside
when we said goodbye

regrets of wasted sunsets
were you ever mine?
my downcast eyes
ignoring every sign
pretending not to know
you already let me go

never change

the years have been so good to you
I almost wish it wasn’t true
the girl behind the sleepless nights
still shining through
it’s clear to see we never change
it bleeds through every word you say
so why is it so hard to walk away?

i can’t take back all the years you stole
i just can’t…
fighting with the memories taking hold
i’ve gotta let this go

when we’re side by side
your words and eyes
are so misguiding
it takes it’s toll inside
I’ve tried and tried
but I can’t hide it
it’s not the way it should be
youre taking the best of me
and I can’t find a way to start to
get you off my mind


the words that you say
all fade away
were running faster
and still going nowhere
passed the chance
to cut through ties and walk away
a chance for the both of us to save face

inside my head
i fight with your words
but mostly myself
another battle lost

i’m sick of the lies
days spent avoiding your eyes
running from things that would make this real
losing sleep sorting out how i feel


so quickly cast aside by everything she used to love. she’s forgotten the sound of her own voice. loneliness becomes relief. nights by candlelight, and the shimmer of a thousand eyes. lost souls that gave up long ago, and wander lost in time. the gentle wind whispers “you’re not like them”…”you don’t have to be”. colors run down painted portraits, and blur the memories. the darkness holds her tight, swallows each star in the sky. she clings to memories of brighter nights and waits for sunrise.

one last goodbye

((nothing can save this now))
but when I said forever
I swear I meant it
((and now how the time flies by))
((as I fall into your eyes))
this one last time

you left as the walls caved in
now we’re broken down
as this story comes unbound
((your lies spark and feed the fire))
as you burn us to the ground

((i tried to forget that night))
and when you said you loved me
I swallowed all my pride
((but now how the time flies by))
just stay by my side
for one more night

can’t we give us one last try??
I still can’t let you go
are we just on borrowed time??
baby, let me know…

i think back to those days
and cling to every word you say
but they’re only memories

can’t we give us one last try??
are we just on borrowed time??

darker eyes

years have come and gone
why cant we meet eyes with each other?
things wont ever change
we don’t speak with one another

it wasn’t always this way
even when things fell apart
both so broken inside
holding on to a time
a time we felt alive

her eyes shined so bright
now they’re sensitive to light
and hard to recognize
deeper lies and darker eyes
your light has died so cold inside
we found ourselves that stormy night
but lost the way in time

i wanna go back to those days sometimes
i’ll weather sleepless nights
side by side under the sky
things like this still pass me by